Hand Carved Traditional Chinese Sword — BestRecon

Hand Carved Traditional Chinese Sword

by BestRecon
  • Hand-forged by expert swordsmiths, this traditional Chinese Dao sword is the finest BestRecon has to offer. 
  • Style: Antique 
  • Region: China
  • Material: Metal
  • Theme: Sports
  • Overall Length: 41.3inch/105cm
  • Nagasa Length: 20.1inch/51cm
  • Handle Length: 17.7inch/45cm
  • Saya Length: 23.6inch/60cm
  • Sharpness: Very sharp (battle ready)
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel Clay Tempered + Abrasive
  • Sword Style: Traditional Chinese Dao
  • Saya & Handle Material: Hard wood + Brass Fitting
  • Fitting Material: Brass+Hand carved